#2 Wash & Vacuum​ $30 Sedan / $40 Non Sedan

Engine Detail

​- Clean and shine your engine compartment including under the hood.

Paint Sealant Protectant

​- With our paint sealant application you can protect your vehicles paint for up to 1 year.


#4 Wash & Wax w/ Interior Detail  ​$125 Sedan / $165 Non Sedan

​#5 Complete Interior & Exterior Detail! ​$210 Sedan / $250 Non Sedan

Excessive Pet Hair Removal

​- ​Consist of removing excessive pet hair from carpet. Excessive - Should be able to scoop into hands.

Add-On Services:

All price ranges are based on size of the vehicle and the condition.

Automotive Detailing Packages

​#3 Wash &Wax  ​$60 Sedan / $80 Non Sedan

​Odor Eliminator

​- ​After area was treated this process will remove or minimize any foul odor.

- Includes Wash & Wax, Shampoo Upholstery, Clean & Condition Leather!

​Trim Restoration

​- We will take your faded and neglected plastic trim and restore them to a new look.

​- ​Exterior Hand Wash, Dry, Tire Shine, Interior  Cleaning, Windows and Vacuum Interior!

- Exterior Hand Wash, Dry & Tire Shine!

#1 ​Exterior Wash ​$10 Sedan / $15 Non Sedan

Rain X Application

​- ​This will create a barrier on windshield and allows rain to bead off glass.

​​​- Wash & Wax, Full Interior Detail, Full Paint Correction w/ Scratch Removal!

​- Includes Wash & Vacuum and Application of Wax!

​Scotch Guard Protectant

​- ​Protect your vehicles seats and carpets with our scotch guard protectant. NO MORE STAINS!

Headlight Restoration

​- We will restore the clarity to your headlights by removing the yellowish oxidation.